Buying a Business?

Buying A Business

All business buyers fall into one of three categories depending on their composition and motivation.  Understanding your buyer type will help determine your best path to a successful acquisition:

Individual Buyers – Individuals that seek independence, wealth accumulation, job security, or want to establish a family legacy.

Financial Buyers    – Private equity firms and family offices seeking ROI, leverage, growth, and economies of scale.

Strategic Buyers     – Existing businesses seeking market expansion, product diversification, vertical integration, added research  and development capabilities, or intellectual property.

Take an active approach to finding the business that matches your criteria, by letting me do the search for you. By engaging me on a buy-side search you get access to opportunities that are not currently opportunities.

I will provide:

  1. Access to opportunities not currently “on the market”. We have access to business owners that are “thinking” about selling, but did not put the company on the market yet.
  2. Less competition for the deal. When we show these business owners the benefit of selling the company to you now, you will be the only potential buyer. The company has not been on the market yet.
  3. A dedicated team of experts working full-time on your behalf

To get more information on how to engage us to find the business you desire, click on the “find a business” link on the home page, or email me at: