Meet our Business Buyers

business broker and real estate agent I am so excited to work with you.

With our Huge Database of Business Investors and Interested Business Buyers,  CHISCA GROUP BUSINESS BROKERS and I are your best chance to you selling your business fast and for a high price.

If you are considering selling your business – now or in the next couple of years –  take advantage of our Business Buyer- Business Sellers Connect Portal (fill out the form on this page).  That is a program we have that allows you to be notified when one of our buyers is interested in  buying a business like yours. You will have a chance to either explore that possibility or let us now that you would like to wait a little longer before selling.

In our line of work CONFIDENTIALITY is extremely important. Your contact information or even the fact that your are considering selling your business will not be disclosed to anyone (included interested buyers) unless you sign a listing agreement with us and the buyer signed a very comprehensive confidentiality agreement.

As soon as we receive the filled out form we will give you a call to answer any questions you still have, and to either start the exciting process of selling your business, or keep you in mind and let you know when we have buyers interested in your type of business.

If you would like some additional information before you list your business, you can send us a message you can contact me directly at :  (985) 320-7517 *